H.O.M.E., Inc. offers innovative co-homeownership options to help clients achieve their homeownership goals. H.O.M.E. simplifies home ownership with unique solutions that make it easy for you to own a home. We are facilitators for co-ownership, connecting like-minded individuals interested in co-homeownership to make the impossible, possible.

How does it work?

H.O.M.E. helps clients co-own to overcome financial obstacles as the cost of houses rises rapidly.

Our services include: 

  • Connecting clients in similar situations for shared home ownership
  • Assisting seniors to stay in their homes through financial aid and exploring co-ownership
  • Helping homeowners in financial difficulties achieve co-ownership and remain in their homes
  • Providing community and home sharing options as a lifestyle choice

Co-ownership with the option to buy later

As a co-homeowner, when you are prepared to purchase a home independently, you have two options available: you can either sell your portion of the shared home or choose to buy out the other co-owners and acquire the entire property. As a co-homeowner, you possess the right of refusal or acceptance, which grants you the advantage of building equity while progressing towards owning a home solely under your name.

co-ownership with shared living accommodation as a lifestyle

Co-living arrangements provide individuals and couples with the opportunity to share a home, split expenses, and cultivate friendships within a community setting. Living alone can often be a solitary experience, but through shared homeownership, individuals can enjoy companionship while still maintaining the privacy of their own bedrooms.

co-ownership with separate units- multi home ownership

Co-homeownership offers the opportunity to have your own personal space within a shared property. When you co-own a home, each individual has their own unit and designated area. These homes consist of multiple units that are collectively owned until you are ready to purchase a home independently. This arrangement enables you to save for a larger downpayment, accumulate equity, and invest in yourself instead of paying rent to landlords. The separate units cater to your individual needs and provide a sense of ownership while co-owning a home.